Switchboard Consulting

We Lead Critical Strategic Engagements That Drive The Bottom Line

We are experts in becoming experts

We have delivered millions of dollars of value to organizations. Our approach is outcomes driven and we bring proven best practice models to our clients. We embody a founder's mentality, and know how to quickly ramp up and execute.

Strategic Planning

We work with your leadership team to determine, map, and evaluate the long-term strategic vision for the company, and ensure your organization has the required resources and capital to execute on that vision

Corporate Development

Organizations hire us to work alongside leadership to execute on critical strategic initiatives, including assessing growth plans, evaluating M&A, executing departmental integration, seeking out strategic alliances, and more

KPIs & Reporting

We master your data infrastructure, and work alongside your analysts to optimize your inputs and outputs to ensure your KPIs stack against industry standards and are trackable against your financials to show organizational growth for investors, board members, and other key stakeholders

Budgeting & Modeling

Companies hire us develop, manage, and optimize P&L budget and forecasting models to ensure critical KPIs are properly integrated to optimize ongoing tracking and scenario planning, so we can make confident, informed financial decisions based on vetted funnel metrics

Innovation Strategy

We build out extensive competitive market analyses, and lead teams through creative ideation and design thinking exercises to establish a product roadmap, map the required architecture, and execute on the vision