SalesOps Transformation at a Public F1000 SaaS Company

About Project

Discounted $3B+ of stale backlog, reconfigured SalesOps reporting standards, and used intelligence to remodel goals, milestones, and projections for product GMs

Corporate Strategy
F1000 SaaS Company


  • Worked with product GMs to determine sales, revenue, and product success factors, specifically market positioning, growth milestones, and strategic roadmap
  • Analyzed company’s entire backlog of won / lost opportunities, totaling $16B+ over L36M, drilling down on product level, sales vs marketing sourced, and net new vs upsell data cuts
  • Studied and mastered the data infrastructure within the company’s native software and systems, including SalesOps / MarTech procedures, methodologies, and analytics tracking tools
  • Located data logic errors and led various stakeholders through a project plan to reconfigure reporting tools, within native systems, Tableau, and other tools


  • Concluded that 90% of all won deals are closed within the first 6 months that a deal is in the pipeline, and that 30% of open backlog deals are unlikely to close
  • Recommended that leadership assign a new weighting structure to their open backlog, which would result in a 50% accuracy improvement to quarterly and annual revenue goals
  • Created several automated Excel models to promote and continue goal setting, strategic management, and OKR best practices
  • Educated GMs on system capabilities and how to tie data inputs to critical decision points and KPIs to place account executives in best position to close critical accounts

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