FP&A Transformation at a Leading Online Marketplace

About Project

Led revenue forecasting transformation of a public $300M+ digital marketplace business and delivered reengineered, turn-key financial models that predicted revenue within a 98% confidence interval

Strategic Finance
Public Online Marketplace


  • Worked closely with C-Suite, FP&A, Analytics, and BizOps leaders to dig deep into the unit economics and leading success indicators that drive the business
  • Designed project plan green-lit by C-Suite to rethink forecasting methodology and prioritize outcome-driven funnel metrics, thereby increasing accountability from business leadership
  • Completed a comprehensive audit of prior modeling methodologies and identified critical KPIs (such as retention, take-rate, funnel metrics) as drivers for new models that tracked to OKRs
  • Determined data requirements, used cohort-driven data analysis modeling, built various backtested models to vet hypotheses, and memorialized findings to share thought leadership


  • Rebuilt all revenue forecasting models, across 9 business units, from a reactive to a proactive product-set, that used on-platform data to predict revenue in future periods
  • Built models that aligned with ASC 606 revenue recognition standards, incorporated ongoing business and product changes, and tracked outcomes on a 12-month rolling outlook
  • Created weekly revenue reporting tool that dynamically incorporated weekly actuals into revenue forecasting, which reduced overall monthly modeling throughput by 30% for managers
  • Led finance leadership amid the COVID-19 crisis through annual guidance, and built organization's first dynamic scenario model to predict revenue based on ongoing macroeconomic trends

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