Switchboard venture studio

We Help Founders Turn Their Ideas into Game Changers

We concentrate on outcome value

Switchboard partners are expert operators that have scaled startups across several sectors, and we have built out proven, repeatable operationalized playbooks that VCs and investors require for fundraising and that every startup can easily implement

Mutual Fit

We identify driven founders who we believe in that are building high-potential ideas that we believe in, and we ensure there is a definable set of needs where we logically fit and we can quickly execute, systemize, and scale

Executive Leadership

We take leadership roles (e.g. Interim COO, Fractional CFO, Board Observer) at our portfolio companies to implement our operational frameworks and help founders supercharge their growth efforts

Strategic Planning

We help and mentor founders at Seed and Series A stages to establish the strategic vision and roadmap for their startups, and help them put those plans into action to take their ideas from developmental stages to big growth

Operational Excellence

We work alongside founders to iterate ideas, establish product-market-fit, set strategic finance goals, and assign internal teams to execute those goals (e.g. finance, product, engineering, advisors, etc)